Needing to deliver faster, quicker, cheaper (for a Global Wealth Management Platform Provider)

Client Problem: 

Client was experiencing issues with late delivery of projects, late visibility of code releases and increased programme/project costs. This was unsustainable and needing urgent resolution across the client and 3rd party suppliers. It was clear that operating in a more faster, quicker, cheaper fashion for all parties was required (A more Agile approach). This was wanting to be achieved at no detriment to existing delivery dates of strategic projects and was to be mobilised and taken forward in parallel as the client transitioned into the new delivery model. The delivery model consisted of 4 parties,  2 of which are based offshore.

APS Approach: 

  • APS provided independent assurance/governance sitting between client and 3rd party suppliers- our role was to be the glue between all parties acting as a trusted supplier / advisor. It was recognised by all parties that APS was in a position to bring all together and ultimately help them deliver against the new delivery model.
  • APS assisted with transition to a closer “out of the box” solution thus providing cost saving across the SDLC and on going support – this will enable a more cost effective solution, giving the client better economies of scale into existing clients and future clients
  • APS conducted an initial review of the current position to include gap analysis and provided recommendations to ensure the desired end state was achieved working to the timeline of the Executive Team’s
  • Supported the Transition from Waterfall to a more Agile approach.
  • As appropriate provided training / mentoring and staff development to improve overall capability thus ensuring stronger team collaboration
  • APS and the client identified a pilot project to establish a new way of working to minimise disruption to in flight projects.
  • Regular dashboard reporting focusing on the key issues only, greatly reduced the load on the programme leads. Clear identification of success and impediments allowed the team to move at a high velocity and to make informed decisions at all times of the project


  • APS successfully supported the client and 3rd parties with moving to an agile / collaborative approach which expanded across all of the organisations involved
  • Clear Governance and reporting implemented
  • Testing approach reviewed and documented
  • Critical Path Roadmaps put in place and tracked
  • Some soft skills had to be employed, to ensure the team worked effectively, the concept of one team was used and the goal was a collective delivery of a product
  • Client saw tangible benefits immediately from the new approach and is now deploying a similar methodology across all aspects of the business

APS Resources: 

  • APS Programme Director

Key Statistics: 

  • Earlier visibility of code drops enabled promoted a more collaborative manner across all parties, allowing for informed decisions to be made on project progress. Thus improving overall project confidence at Executive level that the transition from traditional waterfall to a more agile model was being achieved.
  • After our initial team startup (sprint 0 lasting 5 weeks) we moved from building user stories from within the master scrum to our first sprint delivering show and tell actual visible code within a 2 week period.
  • This was the first time the organisation had been able to demonstrate back to the business actual working code within weeks rather than months.
  • Feed back was immediate and as the sprints had not concluded amendments made and locked in. Additional work was documented as new user stories and fed into the backlog.