Dave Newland

Director of Professional Services

Dave is one of the co-founders of APS and has held significant roles within some of the biggest financial institutions and delivered some of the largest programmes within that sector.

Dave has over 20 years of experience working on transformational change programmes, which include leading the Governance for RBS with regulatory and compliance programmes (overseeing a £90m budget) as well as playing a key part in the Finance workstream supporting the Lloyds divestment and Integration with HBoS.  In his early career Dave worked at Barclays as a Business Analyst before running and delivering projects across the UK and Africa on SAP projects.

Dave has a passion for delivering high quality solutions and skilled resource into change programmes and projects that demand results, supporting our mission at APS to partner with our clients. His passion for delivering business success for our clients has driven our company vision and every member of our APS Consulting team.

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Mark Blake

Co founder / Director

Prior to jointly founding APS in 2015, Mark held senior management roles within a number of consultancies specialising in change and transformation programmes

predominately in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors.

The experience gained from over 20 years working in delivery, business development and strategic client engagements across numerous programmes of work supports the positioning of APS as a partner into our clients who brings value add, sector expertise and quality delivery capability.

Mark shares the passion of the APS senior management team in delivering services and technology solutions that enable our clients and stakeholders to adapt their organisations and ultimately enrich the experience of their own customers in the rapid and ever changing sectors they operate within.

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Ed Bearcroft

CDIO (Chief Data and Information Officer)

Prior to joining APS, Edward has held a number of senior leadership positions in Digital and IT at blue chip Wealth and Asset Management firms where he had been a pioneer in the application of digital technology to marketing, sales and customer centred digital services.


In the early 2000’s he lead the development of Schroders’ retail and institutional prescience on the web. He spent 10 years at Fidelity International where in particular he drove the development of the user experience team in technology as the key differentiator in personal investing markets, adviser platform business and services for institutional investors. For the last 4 years he has been a leading light in developing the use of Spotify model agile at M&G as the leader of the Global Distribution IT Tribe enabling them to develop fully cloud based customer facing digital services.


Edward is a passionate believer in the ability of technology to transform the way that financial services are delivered to customers for the better – better for customers, better for employees and better for the world. He is a great advocate of the value of investing in the design of service experiences and the utility of agile to enable a workforce to deliver ever greater value to increasing numbers of stakeholders whilst still attaining strategic business objectives for cost and growth. His breadth and depth of experience in this domain enables him to provide world class advice, strategy and delivery services to our clients.