15 Dec

Product Owner course attendee

I recently attended the Product Owner course and I wished I had put every product owner I have worked with through it, as well as done it myself years ago! It would have delivered huge gains in productivity through innovation, focus and working on the most important stuff with the support of a team. Scrum master is a key skill to have in a team, but teams don’t create real value without a good product owner who knows how to set the vision and work with a scrum team. The trainers are superb at training as well as highly credible practitioners who speak from experience.

It’s always a challenge to find the time for team training, but this is the kind of activity where you comeback refreshed and set for a surge of productivity. I can also highly recommend the design thinking course which will really help your teams with creativity and innovation – it’s a great progression course for a product owner but also for building skills for everyone from senior managers to analysts.